Influencer marketing: The future of digital marketing

Influencer marketing: The future of digital marketing

Digital marketing is all about building trust and authority in your niche, this would help you get the right audience and loyal customers. Influencer marketing plays a major role in building customer trust since most influencers have a large number of followers on social media because they are already perceived as figures of authority in their specific niches.

We would be looking at some case studies of how some top brands used influencer marketing to get incredible results.

Nike Air Vapormax

Nike is the world’s leader in manufacturing and supplying athletic wear and sports equipment and is among the top users of influencer marketing. And in 2017 alone, they generated more than $34 billion globally. The brand has worked with both celebrities and social influencers for several campaigns to promote its products.

When the brand wanted to promote their new Air Vapormax series, they decided to team up with the popular YouTube channel “What’s Inside?” The channel is run by a father-son duo and is famous for cutting up everyday objects to showcase what’s inside. The duo has been able to garner almost 6 million subscriptions for their two channels.


An Australian fresh meal company, Youfoodz wanted to promote their new winter menu and healthy eating as well. As expected, they decided to work with influencers that specialized in food and health fitness. The company worked with 81 influencers, who created a total of 167 content pieces for the campaign and shared more than 162 Instagram stories, all of which promoted the healthy and convenient Youfoodz menu options.

The Instagram influencers curated 69,938 direct engagements on campaign content, 507,909 impressions on campaign content and 1,457,142 social reach across Facebook and Instagram. Testifying to the power of influence!

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz is a leading manufacturer of automobiles specializing in luxury vehicles, coaches, and buses. A division of Daimler AG, they are headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. The Mercedes’ #MBPhotoPass campaign was aimed at giving a fresh perspective to the luxury brand. The brand’s influencer marketing strategy was to let the influencers tell their own stories using the brand’s vehicles to target different segments.

Mercedes used the storytelling talents of various influencers in their campaign to give consumers some fresh perspectives on their cars. The influencers were also given access to the Mercedes Instagram account.

They worked with over 40 photographers and influencers. One video from the campaign that got a lot of attention was that of Instagram star Loki and his owner Kelly Lund. Using 3D cameras, Loki and Kelly can be seen driving the 2017 Mercedes GLS through the snowy mountains of Crested Blue, Colorado. The 360-degree video uses virtual reality to give the viewer a glimpse through Loki’s eyes.

The Mercedes’ #MBPhotoPass social media campaign went viral. What worked was the fact that it was different from the brand’s previous campaigns of short videos of their vehicles.

In total, they partnered up with around 81 influencers which have created 176 pieces of content. Moreover, they also shared around 162 stories on Instagram during the campaign.

The content resulting from this campaign was able to generate roughly 70,000 direct engagements and over 500,000 impressions. Overall, the campaign had reached around 1.5 million people across Instagram and Facebook.

Influencer marketing is truly the present and future of digital marketing!

In the coming years, we are likely to see more brands making influencer marketing a major part of their marketing strategy.

If you haven’t considered influencing marketing for your brand, you need to get on it. We’ll be glad to help you out

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