How is influencer marketing changing, how we see Digital Marketing?

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People buy things because of so many reasons; it could be out of sheer curiosity or a pressing need. The point is, it is rare for anyone to buy anything for no reason at all. Selling is an art that requires one to understand the needs of their customer and put out an offer that meets that need.

Digital marketing is the art of marketing that uses the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Just like any other form of marketing, Digital marketing requires the seller, a product/service, and the buyer. The major advantage Digital marketing has over traditional marketing is that you can reach your target audience cost-effectively and measurably.  

With Digital marketing, you can target your ideal customer and get your advertisement to them directly and this feature lowers your marketing campaign costs as compared to traditional marketing and helps you get a better return on your marketing investments.

Now here’s the real question

How is influencer marketing changing, how we see Digital Marketing?

Let’s look at a case study

TikTok was created by Chinese owners ByteDance in 2016. It was introduced to the US back in 2017, before acquiring and then merging it with the popular app in August of 2018.

In 2019, Tiktok became the number one most downloaded app on the Google play store due to its popularity among young ones. Tiktok is currently one of the major brands’ favorite places for influencer marketing.

Top brands like Chipotle, Walmart, EA Sports, GymShark, and Clavin Klein have used the platform influence to advertise their products and services.

Why all the fuss about influencer marketing?

The reason why Influencer marketing is the real deal in these times is “CONSUMER TRUST

Smart brands understand building brand trust and loyalty with their customers is the best form of investment in this digital age.

Let’s make this practical.

Imagine if you need toothpaste because of some symptoms of halitosis you’ve been noticing recently. A stranger on the road walks up to you to advertise a toothpaste he’s been using to clear every toothaches and issue, while you were listening and considering whether to buy or not, a call came through from your Dad, and he informed you about a new toothpaste brand he just came across and how it helped him solve his halitosis issues after one week of use.

What would be your next line of action?

You would likely go for the brand your Dad mentioned. Why is this so? Simple, it’s because you trust your Dad!

Influencers are generally known to have many followers and engagement on social media, people are always on their comments, liking and sharing their posts. Their followers generally love their content and they consider them to be authorities in their niche This is what Digital Marketing and Branding are all about; building trust with your audience. As a brand, working with major influencers in your niche can help you upscale your business and get loyal customers for your brand.

In the coming years, influencer marketing would be a major concept in digital marketing. The new brand would be able to easily get ahead of the competition if they consider influencer marketing as part of their marketing efforts.

Do you need a strategy on how to do influencer marketing the right way?

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