Is Influencer marketing effective?

Is Influencer marketing effective?

This is one of the many questions small businesses and brands keep asking; is influencer marketing still effective? Or has it become a saturated space in the digital world? Whether or not influencer marketing is still worth your brand today would be addressed in this article.

Influencer marketing can also be referred to as the digitized future of word-of-mouth marketing and this makes the whole concept quite powerful.

Influencer marketing is also a marketing strategy as much as running paid advertisements on social media and search engines, but what makes any marketing strategy effective is simple “The Return on Investments”. Any marketing strategy that does not yield a good return on investments would not be considered effective.

Return on investments does not necessarily translate to mean more money or profits, its definition is relative depending on your business goals; Are you looking to create awareness of your brand on social media? Then your ROI is you having more followers on your social media pages, although every business owner hopes to drive new customers through the sales funnel from just awareness to them taking action to purchase your goods or service the point is the effectiveness of a marketing strategy is dependent on your current business goals.

Now let’s get back to the main topic

According to a study, 70% of marketers find that influencer marketing puts their brand in front of better-qualified customers, why is this so? Simple, it is the power of influence!

Psychologists agree that humans are products of influence, this means that every one of our choices is a result of us being influenced directly or indirectly. Have you ever seen a movie just because you heard so much about it from a relative or a colleague at work, the person kept talking about how great the movie was and this sparked so much curiosity in you that you had no choice but to also see it. This is exactly what influence does to the human mind, it makes the offer so irresistible that you feel left out not to take it.

An influencer is simply someone who has built a large number of following and authority in his niche. Influencer marketing is a relationship between a brand and an influencer. The influencer promotes the brand’s products or services through various media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. Most times, brands pay influencers for the said promotion, and other times, the influencer is giving a test of the product or service and then shouts out for it. 

Influencer marketing is a great marketing strategy that we will recommend every brand to try out and the only way it could go wrong is if it is not done rightly.

What many brands fail to realize is that not every influencer is good for your brand if influencer marketing is not done rightly, it could cause costly damages to your brand image. This is why HHM global solutions are here to help, our influencer marketing package helps you target the right influencer in your niche and we oversee the whole process to ensure you get profitable results from your campaigns. 

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