Paid and Organic traffic strategies for new websites

You just launched a new website for your small business and you are looking towards getting to it to the top of search engine results pages. The question on your mind is “How would I beat the competition”. Yes. It really is a competition.

There are currently about two billion websites in the world but less than 400 million are active. The internet is a very competitive space, but with the right digital marketing strategy, you can push your way to at least the first page of search results for specific queries.

What is Paid Traffic?

Are those traffic you get through paying for advertising or promotions on various platforms. At HHM Global Solutions, we simply define it as one of the easiest ways to beat the competition. Google determines whose ad comes first by some factors in which we would discuss later on.

What is Organic Traffic?

Are the traffic you get from search engines or social media platforms to your website without paying for ads. On search engines, when you rank for specific keywords, your websites get impressions and clicks from searchers without you paying for any campaign.

That’s the basic idea of paid and organic traffic.

Let’s talk about paid and organic traffic strategies for new websites

Long-tail keywords: As a new website, you’ll realize that so many websites are already ranking on the first page on Google for certain keywords in your niche. Where does this leave you? This when you need to focus on long-tail keywords rather than head keywords.

Blog: Blogging has been proven over and over has a good way for your website to rank for topic relevance and not just keywords. Ensure you start a blog for your new website and keep on writing topics that are related to your niche

Social Media Optimization: In one of our articles, we mentioned that links to your website from social media platforms would not affect your website’s ranking but they are a sure way to get good traffic to your website. Optimize your social media pages, post engaging contents and link them to your website

SEO Contents: Contents are everything at this age. Writing contents that search engine and audiences love is not so difficult if you play by the rules.

Image Optimization: Always add alternate texts to your images to let search engines know what they are all about.

Keyword Match types: Search types are used in Google ads campaigns. The three basic types are Broad Match, Phrase Match, and Exact Match.

Landing Page Optimization: Your landing page experience for your ads is one of the factors that Google uses to determine which ad comes up first. It needs to be properly optimized.

We will conclude here and in subsequent articles, we would explain the various match types in google ads and bidding strategies.

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